Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Made It

I'm linking up with Tara for her now monthly Monday Made It. 

I know you have all seen the cute Boggle/Scrabble boards and the neat Add It Up ideas out there on Pinterest and on so many blogs, right?  Well I wanted to make them different.  I used the Boggle idea last year and just copied the papers for my early finishers to work on.

But this year I wanted to do something different.  The problem I was having was how or where I was going to put them.  I ran out of wall room in my classroom, so I couldn't put them on a bulletin board or in a pocket chart.  I really wanted to do them both, especially since I've noticed that I have a few early finishers in my class this year.

I walked into the teacher's lounge the other day and what was sitting in the "FREE Take me Home Section" (or as we call it the stuff left over that we can't fit into our classrooms anymore section)...but two small cookie sheets.  I thought...hmmm...that could work.

I snatched them up and I finally worked on them this weekend.  I decided to start out by just putting the papers taped to the cookie sheets. I was going to put magnets with the items on them, but I thought my students would get a kick out of taking them to their seats when they were working on them.

I wanted to do a Scrabble theme instead of Boggle for a couple reasons:  1) I bought the cute graphics from Scrappindoodles so it will be easy for me to change the letter tiles each week, 2) I have a Scrabble game in my classroom so I thought it would tie together nicely, and 3) I like the idea of having the children add up the amounts for each letter used (so maybe they will make longer words).

I also wanted to do a Math It Up idea instead of Add it Up since I eventually will be changing it to subtraction and then multiplication since I teach third grade.

What do you think???


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