Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pumpkin Punctuation Game

I am just starting my first English chapter this week.  I start out with sentences or not a sentence.  Then I go into the 4 types of sentences.  I like to play games when I review the four types of sentences, it keeps the class engaged. 

One game I play is Pumpkin Punctuation Four Corners.  I print out these cute pumpkin cutouts (pumpkins because it's getting to be fall and then I can keep using them throughout fall to review).

I put one pumpkin in each of the corners in my classroom.  I then post a sentence on my Elmo and have the children go to the corner that matches that punctuation mark.  After reviewing sentences for a couple of weeks, I would then start saying sentences orally.  This way the children really have to listen to what I am saying.

I also put the little pumpkins on Popsicle sticks and have my students quiz each other for a center game.

We have a "FALL-tastic" time! 

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