Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm Going on a Blog Hunt

Hi everyone.  I'm joining the fun linky from Corkboard Connections called Goin' on a Blog Hunt.

First, I have to say...Google Reader is gone and Bloglovin is in.  I hope you all remembered to import one last time before it turned off.  I imported like twice yesterday just to be safe.  I switched over to Bloglovin a little bit ago, so I wouldn't feel overwhelmed once July 1st hit and had to get used to a whole new system.  So far...so good!
While you are here, please don't forget to click on the Bloglovin button to add my blog to your follower list (thank you so much for adding me!).
Come join the Blog Hunt.  Click the adorable picture above to link up!  Happy Hunting Everyone!


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