Saturday, September 14, 2013

Progress Monitoring with Comprehension

I have one more ELA resource that I want to share with you all and then I will blog about one for math, I promise. 

I read about this book on a couple blogs.  I took a giant leap of faith and purchased it off of Amazon without being able to even see inside the book.  It was only like $13.00, so I figured why not.  When it arrived, I sat nervously opening it up hoping I didn't make a mistake in my purchase.

Product Details
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I am not disappointed!  This book is broken down into 15 strategies like:  analyze character, identify cause and effect, make inferences, use text features to locate information, etc.  It even has a scoring for each individual student and a CD that includes all the assessments.  And for only $13.00!!!

The book's introduction explains how you use the assessments to monitor your students' understanding of a given topic.  If a student understands and applies the given strategy, they are done with that section.  If they missed too many questions, they will need additional instruction on that particular strategy.  Can you say RtI??


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