Thursday, September 12, 2013

Even Better Common Core ELA Book - No Really!

Okay, so I know that on my last blog I shared with you a great common core book.  But really...this one I'm going to talk about is even better!

I found this one at Lakeshore Learning again.  I just went to their website and searched for the title, but it isn't coming up.  I guess because I went into the store and not everything is on their website???

Well, anyways.  I did find it on Amazon though.  It is cheaper on Amazon then at Lakeshore.  Here is a picture of the cover:

Product Details
Click on the picture to go to Amazon. 

If you can see the cover, it says Practice-Assess-Diagnose.  It is set up for a week plan.  It has a different short passage for the child to read and answer a few questions on Days 1-3.  On Day 4 it has a longer passage and a few questions.  Then on Day 5 it has an extended response that kind of ties everything together. 

It has 36 weeks.  And it comes with a Digital CD with all 36 weeks on it!  It is awesome!  I think I even like this one more than the one I blogged about the other day.

Have you found any good resources?


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