Saturday, August 24, 2013

Classroom Reveal Part 3

Here is the final day of my classroom reveal. 

My attendance boards.  Of course I had to change them to monsters!
My "Where Are We" (with a monster head) and my "How are we going home?" monster board.

Standards Display (monster-fied)

My teacher area.  Do you see my buddy Sulley?  Remember how he was on my dining room table all summer long bringing me inspiration.  Now he's up high looking over my desk.

Noise Word and Sound Check

My desk (do you see the spinning arrow?  My son, who helped me do my room this year, thought it looked great of course I had to keep it for now!)

This is what my kiddos will came into on the first day.  The MonSTAR Group of the Week will be for my winning group.  The group with the most warm fuzzies in their cup for the whole week will win.  They will keep it on their desks for the whole next week.  The frame is from IKEA.

MONSTARS at Work Board.  It's empty now waiting for some fun work.  The monsters peeking out were from Party City.  They were a centerpiece.  I LOVE them!

My paper turn in bin.  LOVE my sign!

 Well that is you think my kiddos will have a monster-iffic year this year?  Here is hoping we all do.  Happy Back to School my bloggy friends!


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