Thursday, August 22, 2013

Classroom Reveal Part 2

Hi everyone.  I hope you are all enjoying your back to school.  I get to enjoy my new kiddos today.  Wish me luck!

Today I'm going to share my subject bulletin boards. 


This is my character education board.

This was my English and Writing area, but I changed them to ELA.

This was my reading area, but I changed it to ELA as well.  It has my reading strategy cat posters and my SPREADS posters.

Here is my math board....

and here is next to the math board where I have my adorable math posters with Melonheadz Math Kidlettes.  Do you see my monsters peeking out of my multiplication poster?

Here is my science board.

And finally my social studies board.

If you were wondering, the pocket charts I will use to display content vocabulary.  Each pocket chart came from Target's dollar section and all the colors match my subject color.  I color code each subject so that the kiddos know where they can find everything.  That includes my center games and task cards.  The social studies are in blue containers to match the blue border on the board and pocket chart.  That way they know where everything goes.

More pictures next time...  Have a monster-iffic day!


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