Monday, March 3, 2014

Math Pilot

Hi Everyone!  I's been awhile.  This year has been a handful.  With implementing Common Core without materials, ISAT testing without knowing what is on the test, PARCC piloting, etc...UGG!

Oh yeah, another thing to add to the craziness.  I am on the math committee in my district and we are going to be piloting a new math series.  Our current math series is over 10 years old, not exactly common core ready.

So we narrowed our 3 choices (yes we were given 3, we did not get to pick the 3 we wanted to see) from our administration to 2:  My Math and Go Math.  Catching titles huh? 

Some of the teachers have noticed quite a few mistakes with My Math,
either with the teacher's guide or with student pages.

We are leaning towards Go Math.  It just seems like it follows Common Core the best and it seems to have a nice online component.

Does anyone use either of these two math series?  If so, is one better than the other???


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