Friday, March 7, 2014

Common Core Math Review

A friend introduced me to a book to help my students with common core math.  If you don't know this, my district is implementing common core this year WITHOUT supplying us with materials!

I was using this book:

My students liked it, but it seemed to be kind of hodge podged.  All types of skills all over the place.

A friend introduced me to this one:

This one is broken down to a different common core skill each day.  For example:  Monday is Patterning and Algebra, Tuesday is Number Sense and Operations, Wednesday is Geometry, Thursday is Measurement, and Friday is Data Management. 

My students REALLY like this book better than the last one.  Each week they can't wait until Monday so they can get their new weekly sheets.  They know to work on today's section and then put it into their desk folder until the next day.  If there are skills that I know my students will need help on, I will teach that skill while going over the day's questions.

Next year I will start with the second book for the first part of the year and maybe finish the year by utilizing the second book.  Don't know yet...will have to see how things go with our district's math pilot!


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